play: v. to occupy oneself in amusement, sport, or other recreation

NRG Running Group

Remember how you loved recess?

You'd sit restless behind your tiny fliptop desk in your little wooden chair waiting for the okay to throw the school doors open and dash across the playground. Recess was great. You didn't worry about how many calories it burned or how it sculpted your legs. You just loved it for the pureness of the joy it brought. Your heart pumped fast, your legs floated beneath you and you felt invigorated. It made your cheeks rosey and put tangles in your hair. It was crazy fun and you felt great when you were out there.

That little recess kid is still you.

You might be all grown up now with a bigger desk and an ergonomic chair, but recess is still calling and now YOU get to decide when to swing the doors open and get at it.